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The Modern Rules of Choosing a Career After 12th

It’s a new age and the rules have changed. The time when your only consultants were your parents and colleagues has long gone. It is the modern world with modern solutions, here to help you while choosing a career after 12th.

How to choose a career after 12th?

  • List your interests

  • Analyse and pinpoint your main interests

  • Research on your selected interests

  • Choose the appropriate stream

  • Take advice, do not hesitate to ask others

  • Evaluate the prospect of the career

  • Finalize a career option

Choosing a career is more about what you want to do, rather than what others are trying to do. It is a process you start with self-analysis and a thorough understanding of yourself. So ask yourself, What is that you like? What is it that you want to be? Where do you see yourself in a few years? These questions give you the power to recognise your goals and give a purpose. I have often seen people regret the career they have chosen because they thought that this was what they were suggested or was imposed on them via their relatives, peers, etc.

A career is a special chance for you to decide something for yourself by yourself and if that isn’t wonderful then I know not what is. To choose a career that you won't regret there are a few steps that you can implement and see for yourself if this is the career that you want to pursue. The steps are as follows:-

List your interests

Self-analysis plays a humongous role while deciding on a career so take a notebook and jot down all your interests and strong points. Make a list of these interests according to your preference and like. These interests can range from anything to reading and writing to your favourite subjects. These interests will give you a clear idea of the kind of individual you are and for what kind of career are you most suited. Eg - Start with subjects that interest your science, maths, geography, etc.

Analyse and pinpoint your main interests

Once all your interests are listed down it is time for the round of elimination. While pinpointing your actual interests you must eradicate your interests that don’t mesh-up with your skills. For eg - You love reading but writing is not one of your strong points. This makes your interest invalid unless you decide to pursue it while learning its basics along the way.

Research on your selected interests

After you get a list of selected interests that support your skills, it is now time for a background study and research. Start by researching the types of courses that are offered in your field of interest. Eg - Say your interest lies in Science, explore available options, select a stream that’ll lead you to the desired career.

Choose the appropriate stream

This is one of the crucial steps while choosing a career. While deciding on a stream you must check out what kind of courses are offered, the subjects in the course, etc. For eg - You are a student of the Science stream who is interested in computers as well, which gives you options like Biotechnology, Hospital Management, etc.

Take advice, do not hesitate to ask others

Taking advice without a doubt is the most reliable way to choose a profession for yourself. Primarily it is our parents we seek for advice, then friends, then relatives, etc. The point is everyone has the advice to offer when it comes to choosing a career. But you must ask the right person. Nowadays it is a new trend to take a psychometric test that not only gives you future options but also helps lay a road-map to your career.

Evaluate the prospect of the career

Once you decide on a career or two you want to pursue it is time to see how it will fare well for you in the future. I know many people don’t often give it much thought but I have always said that careers are subject to market risk. What I mean by this is to choose a career that has a future. In early 2010, Data Science was predicted to be one of the most in-demand careers in the future. Which came to be true, so keep an open mind while deciding on a career.

Finalize a career option

This is the final step in your process of choosing a career. Remember no matter how good your skills are or how well your aptitude fits the description of a job, what matters is your will to pursue the career you choose. In the long run, a good career is the one in which you love your work.

Lastly, there is no such thing as a single career. Your career and career path differ with you as your interests change, develop and evolve. There is more than just one dream job, more than just one career path so keep searching. Build your background while you are still studying, start taking internships, get experience, hone your skills.

If you still feel lost and want professional advice feel free to reach out to our career guidance experts at upskillUToday. Hope this helps you decide on a career that you’ll love!

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