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7 Reasons Career Guidance is Important for Students

Updated: Jan 11

Everyone has heard about career guidance and still students ill-advisedly decide to ignore the importance of career guidance and counselling in their earlier life. The reason that this pattern is observed is due to lesser knowledge and awareness about the fact that career guidance can lead to a ton of difference in the decision one makes when choosing a career for a better future.

When choosing a proper career various factors impact the choices that an individual makes. While taking into consideration how it will affect their life decisions which include choosing a stream of interest for higher education, making a decision based on one’s interest and passion, streamlining your professional aspect and personal aspect, etc.

To make it easier for you to understand why career guidance is important for students we have stated 7 reasons below:-

1. Helps Set Clear Goals

2. Narrows Options

3. Opens up new prospects

4. Creates a future map

5. Makes you career ready

6. Builds up Confidence

7. Increases one’s level of job satisfaction down the line

1] Set yourself apart from other students, create career goals.

Have you noticed, students more often than not are unable to answer a simple question like ‘What do you want to become when you are an adult?’ This is because the student hasn’t grasped the concept of how this will affect him and the people around him in the following years. A clear career goal helps focus the attention on oneself.

It reflects on how one chooses educational streams after their secondary schooling years or even after graduation. With concrete career guidance, students can create a mind map to their future and set themselves apart from other students. Eg:- A child who dreams to become a pilot has a set goal and will work towards it diligently, while the one without a goal will follow the crowd and choose a career based on vague opinions and misguided guidance.

2] Narrows Options

Have you ever felt that there is so much, how am I supposed to know which career is right for me? There are steps you need to follow while choosing a proper career. It is often seen that confusion is the main element that hinders the students while deciding on a proper career. To make sure that this confusion is lessened counsellors assist students by cutting down the excessive and unnecessary career choices.

This makes sure that students get a filtered list of careers according to their choice, interest and even financial capacity. Imagine this, if your child is a science geek and has a high potential for a number of career fields in the world. How will the child decide which field in science is well suited for him/her? Here comes the narrowing options part where the child will be guided in a way that will clear his doubts and give him a clear sight of his career.

The financial aspect also plays a humongous role while a child decides which career to opt for. To make sure that students don’t feel the pressure of cash, LeCo, a platform that promotes learning provides free educational services like 0% interest student loans, demo lectures, etc.

3] Opens up new prospects

More often than not, parents act as the primary element in a student's set of people who they can refer for guidance in their career. And it is usually seen that parents influence their children’s career choices. For eg- A child of a doctor will most likely become a doctor as well.

This is because parents' knowledge of career prospects is limited to their domain and they rarely encourage their children to choose another career. This limits a student’s choice of careers giving them only a few sets of choices to choose from. Career counsellors help them broaden their horizons and give them the power to choose a career they would love.

4] Creates a Future Map

Thanks to Google Maps we are able to navigate through all those interconnected lines and twisted turns to reach our desired destination on time, take that into consideration, and think how it will impact if a child has his dream career mapped out for him.

A future map is a route that leads to a happy career life. Career guidance is like the arrow that leads to the destination, but it isn’t that simple as that. While mapping a career it is important that you take professional advice into consideration. Eg - Mainly the career map goes as follows:- School, College, Graduation. But what next? When a professional drafts a career map they are sure to take into consideration the interest, capability and capacity of the student, this impacts extensively on how a student chooses his career.

5] Makes you career ready

Mapping a career is the ground-work that leads to making you career-ready. The workspace is a completely different universe that a student has no idea even after completing higher education. For eg - Say you are a student that is pursuing engineering and hence you have a range of career choices to choose from and you decided that you want to become a Computer Engineer.

But what is a computer engineer's job? Is it repairing the computer? Does it include coding? These questions do not come to light too often. A proper career counsellor knows the in’s and out’s of every occupation and has the relevant information which helps the child decide a stream based on the internal workings of a company and won’t be clueless or lost about his role in the company.

6] Builds up Confidence

Confidence is the key to almost everything. Once the student becomes aware of the nature of the workspace, it will automatically ingrain a sense of confidence in the student, which will give him an upper hand when starting his career. A thorough knowledge about the field, it’s working, etc, that play’s a big part in building up a student’s confidence.

7] Increases one’s level of job satisfaction down the line

A study by Economic Times in 2018 showed that only 20% of employees are satisfied with their jobs and boy is that a sad thing. We all know that job is something that we have to do, but why should it be so? Jobs can be fun as well, that is only when one is happy with what he/she does.

That is exactly where career counselling steps in and assists students in a way that will guide the students to a profession that will bring work satisfaction and not just hard cash.

Afterall a healthy workstyle promotes a happier life.

It is time to take career counselling in consideration and start working towards a better tomorrow. Let upskillUtoday be your helping hand and guide your career to your desired destination. Connect with us at

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