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We help educators to connect with
Right Students. Consistently!

Educator's Problem

Consistent Flow of Relevant Prospects

Educator's Dream - "The Khayali Pulao"

"Somebody Give Direct Admissions and take commission"

Well, this is the best scenario for any business. Sales is taken care of by someone else. But is followed by ONLY  Disappointment and Regrets

NOBODY is going to do your job for you. That's how educators get cheated. People will tell you exactly what you need to hear to take money from you and not Deliver.

There is not Shortcut to success but good thing is we can give relevance and direction to your efforts.

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Upskill's Solution

No matter what technology comes out but Leads are interest of a student and which can only be

verified when a human talks and asks the question, "Are you really Interested?".



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 And that's just what we did, We took the best technology to identify the perfect course for the student;

Then we simply talk to each and every one of the students guiding them in the entire process of career decisions.

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What do you get?


Call Verified

Relevant &

Leads; Consistently



Now you are wondering how we generate leads, well here's how.

We spend a lot of money on online marketing so you don't have to and get the highest bids in the market.

We tie up with schools and colleges for bringing that clarity to all students. These students need a great institute like yours to peruse their career

Old-school - Cold Calling on database! Nothing works better than the direct knock on the door.

Our students love us, our leads are often referrals.


Psychometric Tests

AI Based





Pro- Active
Lead Generation

Automated Marketing campaigns Provoking interests of the students with targeted approach.​ Along with that we also Connect with them using WhatsApp SMS and Email Marketing

But, "Kitna Deta Hai ?" (conversion ratio)

Lead Generation industry works on a chance of 2% Conversion ratio when looked over a period of a quarter,
Well that is if taken follow-ups and connected with students right on time.

What we do, doubles that probability of conversion from the market standard. (Anything else, anyone offers is just a gimic to cheat)

An Extra Mile for Education

"Manja" an upskillutoday initiative, is on a mission to get any and every course in the grasps of Financially weak learners. We give finance and loan option for any and every learner from any Upskill Partnered institute

So if you have or know any student needing financial aid, we

will help with the loan for the learner

What is a call verified lead?

Well, this is a specially crafted technique in which we take pride to be the first in the market

step 01

Hiring Counsellors

We start with hiring the best Counsellors the City has ever seen and give them mind blowing training

Step 02


We give our counsellors the most fresh leads with Promising Intel. With best in class systems to track follow-up.

Step 03

On the CAll

Our Counsellors give their pitch and judge the students. 

The understand the requirements and challenges of the students and bond with them to help them in the career decision journey free of cost.

Step 04


Contact Detail Verification

(Name, Email, Phone Number, City)

 Course Interest Verification (Course, Domain, Career)

Course Eligibility ( Age & Education)

step 05


Our Counsellors recommend students with

personalized suggestions THEN

Conntecting them to educators

Call Center Headset

The Service

We love to communicate,

Soo much that, our customer service is our USP


A streamlined and planned communication charts with Minutes of Meeting after every discussion


Effective reminders and crisp feedback forms for "to the point understanding"


Defined and easily designed Escalation matrix


State of the art systems for transparency.


and, of course we remove the "Kasht" from "Kastamar's" Life

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Gossips about us

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Mr. Sumit Das,
Dynamic FT

Your aftersales followup cycles are so thorough; I would like to give 5/5 to management system at upskillUtoday

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Mrudang Desai,
Mrudang Dance Academy

You guys are doing an amazing job invoking the hobbies & interests of the students & helping them to build a career out of it. 

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Mr. Pankaj,
Sunsoft Technology

Their quick feedback call makes them stand out as have never seen it before in any other company

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